Duncan’s birth (home birth – 5th VBAC) 

Duncan was “due” on 29, November but was in no hurry whatsoever. So we waited. And waited. And waited. We even had a biophysical profile done to be sure everything was okay. Everything was great. No issues with baby or placenta. Then we waited some more. 

On 17, December, after having gone to sleep around midnight or so – and Jon probably closer to one after watching a movie – I awoke at 3:30 then couldn’t go back to sleep as I was feeling a bit odd, shortly before feeling a POP followed by a gush of water. Luckily, I was able to make it to the bathroom before everything let loose. 

Jon phoned our midwife, Lynda, who asked him to time contractions which started shortly after. I texted Annie, the birth photographer, who started out. It wasn’t long before they were three minutes apart and Lynda was on her way. Since I have had a tendency to go fast in my previous births, Lynda knew that she’d need to come right away because I most likely would with this one as well, though I don’t think she was anticipating just how fast. 

Once they got there, contractions were going fairly well. I remember thinking at one point that if the contractions remained as they were, this would be easy peasy. I was staying as relaxed as possible, breathing through them. I was later told that it was almost hard to tell I was in labor. 

Not-so-easily breathing through contractions by this point as things were starting to ramp up

They did pick up. Obviously. Hahaha! Eventually it got to the point that I just wanted a break. I was thoroughly exhausted as we’d not gotten a lot of sleep the previous two nights. I just wanted to be able to sleep a bit. With my previous labors that started late at night, I had been fortunate enough to be able to sleep in between contractions but not this time. Once Duncan finally decided he was coming, watch out! Haha. 

After awhile, it was time to push. Jon was wonderfully supportive. In the past, he’s always been rather standoffish, I think not sure of what to do but not this time. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of the labor/birth and probably my absolute favorite of Jon and I.

He was so encouraging to me, telling me I was doing great, that the baby was coming. Once I hit transition or, as I refer to it, the “I can’t do this phase”, he kept reminding me that I was doing it and that I was doing great. 

Pushing started much sooner than Lynda expected. She caught Duncan at 7:50 am. They passed him through my legs to me.  

Right away it was obvious that there was an issue because he was not breathing and, to be honest, he didn’t look good. Lynda calmly and immediately began resuscitation and, after what felt like a lifetime but was really only minutes, Duncan began to breathe normally. He was checked out before being passed again to me to snuggle and to feed. 

I swear he looks more than a bit miffed at this point 

Next, I was checked out, eventually the placenta was pushed out, the cord was cut, the placenta examined, and baby checked out some more and weighed. 

9 lbs 6 oz

Everything was right with the world and Baby Duncan was welcomed into our family. 😉

Welcome to the world, baby Duncan! 


A special thanks to Annie Briggs for photographing Duncan’s birth!