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Okay, I think we’re really getting the hang of cloth diapering. I like them. I like them a lot. A little more detail on our initial purchase: The six diapers we purchased are known as prefolds. They get folded long-ways in thirds and then placed in the diaper cover. Once we got the fold down – it helps if you fan out the back a little – they seem to do a great job.

I also purchased three cloth diapers that a mom on Diaper Swappers was selling. Now, if you go on Diaper Swappers, it’s a very good idea to make certain your computer is protected to the hilt because I have heard allegations that malware and viruses run rampant on the site. Don’t say you were not warned. In any case, I noticed that those diapers are pretty good, but they don’t seem quite as good as the prefolds.

I got one diaper off of Etsy and, while it was absorbent, it ran super small. Only Noah can wear it and it was supposed to be a large. I cannot imagine I’ll purchase any more from her.

We definitely need some more cloth diapers. I have noticed that Elias’ diaper rash is horrendous when we use the (non-chlorine) disposables, but next to nothing when we use the cloth.

I’m definitely impressed and hope to go all the way with the cloth diapering.

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  1. Thanks for reading – and following! So far, I like them better than disposable. The little guys don't seem to have quite the skin issues with cloth that they do with disposables – even the non-chlorinated.

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