More death and dying

A little while ago I made the appointment I’ve been putting off for some time now. Our 19 year old Cat, Uberalles, or “Uber” for short, is set to be put down on the afternoon of the 11th. As you can probably imagine, I’m very upset about this, but feel it’s the best choice for him. He’s been dying of kidney failure for some time now, but didn’t seem to be in pain over it. Well, I have reason to think he’s in pain now and I can’t stand that for him. Please send warm thoughts and prayers – if you’re so inclined – our way.

I am dreading telling Ceili Fey about this. She will be devastated. I’m also uncertain how to handle this with Noah. I don’t know if I should tell him ahead of time, if I should take him along, or just tell him after it’s done. I have a lot of deciding to do over the next week.