Max has got to go

I’m at my wits end with this dog. We’ve had Max around six weeks or so and he just doesn’t seem to be getting the whole housebreaking thing. We take him outside and, sometimes he’ll pee and/or poop, but when we bring him back inside, within a few moments, he finds a place to pee/poop in the house! We’ve tried scolding him, swatting him, taking him outdoors every few hours…. we most recently tried some puppy pads but all he does it walk over them and pee on the carpet!! 

Honestly, I like the dog, I really do. Ceili Fey is devastated at the thought that he may be leaving but I just can’t deal with the lack of training. I don’t know what else to do, other than find a new home for him, preferably with someone that can give him more attention than we’re able to with four kids.

If I knew someone that would train him for me, I’d be willing to pay for it, but I don’t know of anywhere providing that service so, here I am, trying to find a new home for Max and feeling like total shit for doing so.