Just waiting to see what else can go wrong

Ugh. I am so freaking overwhelmed right now.

I thought I was finally over whatever I had, but as of this morning, it seems to be back in full force.

My office desk is so out of control and disorganized that I want to cry every freaking time I look at it…. Every time I attempt to sort through, I get lots of distractions, more crap piled on top, or just not enough time.

My father is slipping mentally yet not enough that I can legally stop a woman from living with him, leaching off of him, and stealing money from him on two occasions that I am aware of – I suspect there are more that I don’t know of. She’s a worthless con-artist.

Our cat is getting put down Friday afternoon. While I know it’s for the best for him, it doesn’t make it any easier.

Additionally, I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy and I got a call today that, until I come up with the rest of the money, the midwife has to drop me until I can pay it – I guess it’s some legality issue. We’re trying to get a claim filed with insurance – the midwife is out of network. We’re also awaiting a check for some work we did – I was assured it would be here somewhere between the middle and the last of the month – but so far, nothing. So, as of a couple days from now, I have no care provider.

Now I’m just sitting here waiting and wondering what else could possibly go wrong.

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