It’s that time again…

It’s that time again. Yes, it’s school picture time. As I was looking at the (to me) crazily high prices of what is usually mediocre photography, it got me thinking about things. For one, now that we have two in school (Ceili Fey in elementary and Noah in pre-k), they’re both going to have school pictures – Noah’s will probably be any time now  –  I cannot even begin to think about how painful on the pocketbook it will be when we have the other two in school. I’m trying not to even think about the fact that they do two of these every year! Egad!! I’m about to cry just thinking about the cost of all that each and every year.

After seeing what a package for Ceili Fey would be and assuming that Noah’s prices will be about the same, I finally opted for the high resolution digital copy so I can print my own. Once Noah’s school does their pictures, I plan on doing the same thing. I figure that, between the two kids, purchasing the digital image for each of them will be right about the same price as a package for one and I have a printer that does a pretty good job with photos, so I might as well utilize it.

Does your kid’s school have two pictures a year? What do you do – especially those of you with multiple children? Do you purchase both spring and fall pictures? Do you buy the packages or just the digital copy?

One thought on “It’s that time again…”

  1. When my daughter was in preschool I would order a couple prints for grandparents and then just get the disc to email to everyone else. We don’t have a photo printer and their prints were pretty reasonable when you want the 3.5 x 5 size that my grandmother insists upon.

    Now both are in public school, for years I never bought my sons pictures we would just take our own and print/email as we have a nice DSLR camera. Now if they are good ones I get the disc. My mom never bought ours growing up either as she was professional photographer.

    Our schools in Canada only do on individual set a year right at begining and then group photo later in year. It pains me to pay the high prices for bad pictures.

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