It just keeps getting better

Oh, this is rich. We got taken off of the registry because we didn’t update. We didn’t update because we didn’t know we were supposed to. Without being on the VetBiz list, we can no longer do work for the City of Indianapolis as a Veteran Owned Business, which was a large chunk of our work. We just had to resubmit everything all over again on the VetBiz website. Guess what? It’ll take 60-90 days to get approved. That’s what they said the first time. It took nine months. I guess this is some new thing that got passed only it seems they neglected to actually notify us. Let me guess, I can probably thank some politician for this one.

So, not only have we had to bury our son but now our company is dead in the water. Thanks to all the fucking bullshit bureaucracy odds are very good we won’t be able to actually keep our company open. What the hell are we going to do? How the fuck are we going to support our family now??

Life fucking sucks, and it just keeps getting worse. 

4 thoughts on “It just keeps getting better”

  1. i'm so very sorry you and your family are going through all this stuff. life does suck sometimes- i've been in my personal pit but somehow managed to crawl up and out…i guess God never let go of me…even though it felt like it at times.

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