Is this animal cruelty?

Opinions welcome. The two fifth grade classes have two rats they are “experimenting” on. They are both getting the same food which seems to be rice, veggies, fruits, oats… no mention of rat kibble which concerned me but nothing compared to the drinks they’re being given. One rat is being given sugar water and the other is being given milk. The milk drinking rat is getting “big and strong” while the one drinking sugar water is not.

Most rats, like most animals, are lactose intolerant. Most likely the rat drinking the milk is bloated, not at all healthy.

When I voiced my concern to our daughter, I was bet with indignant cries of “but she’s done it before! ”

I’m appalled that these rats are being treated thus. I don’t think I’m overreacting by wanting to express this at school tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Is this animal cruelty?”

  1. Many are unwilling to change unless they have the hard facts and a solution. I would print off a list of healthy rat foods from an accredited source as well as the dietary hazards for the rats. Then compile an adequate argument for the reasons why it is an unjustified experiment. Then provide an alternative to teach the main point of the subject lesson.

    1. I’ve been working on gathering information as well as seeking out those “in the know”.

      All I can do at that point is hope they’re willing to actually listen to facts.

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