I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…

We went for a bike ride again. This time we didn’t stop off at the park midway. We went at least a mile. I thought Jon said it wasn’t quite 1.5 miles.

Elias and Noah had a good time. Jon said this time Elias was making “brroomm broom, brroomm” noises as they went.

I felt bad. I had to get pretty harsh with Ceili Fey tonight. The whining started almost immediately. Finally, I had enough. I pretty much threatened her within an inch of her life; I told her that one more anything out of her and she and I were going back home. Period. The most amazing thing happened after that. She stopped whining, she did a pretty good job of keeping up, and she was fairly enjoyable to ride with. I was impressed. 

When we got back home and I got off of the bike, I felt as though my things were swollen several times their normal size and my abs are burning. It was a bit more of a workout than I expected.