I actually won something!!!!

This evening when we came home, there were two packages at the front door. After getting the kids settled in bed, I opened the boxes up. The Seventh Generation Healthy Home Starter Kit that I won off of The Adventures of Paul & Natalie. Please understand that I’m super excited because I never win anything!!

I plan on trying them all out over the weekend and I’ll be sure to post a review of the products here when I do.

9 thoughts on “I actually won something!!!!

  1. Congratulations! I won this kit quite a while ago and since there were so many fun goodies in it we're still using them! Seventh Generation makes really great stuff, we've liked it a lot. Happy cleaning!

  2. Xenia, thanks for reading. I have been wanting to try some of their cleaners for some time so I was super happy to win some.

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