How I spent Father’s Day

Sunday I wound up with this horrible shooting pain that started in the middle of my upper back and went up to my neck. I got a bit concerned because it came on all of a sudden and laying down, sitting, standing, nothing made it stop. I decided to go to the urgent care just down the road from me. I figured they would probably tell me ice or heat, whichever would be best, since I really didn’t want to do the wrong thing and make it worse. Well, the urgent care was closed but the (standalone) ER in the facility was open. I opted to go on and get seen since I was there.

My bp ended up being rather high. They gave me some narcotic that I’d never had before. They injected it and it was the strangest feeling I think I’ve ever had. It was crazy weird. Anyway, they keep checking my bp. Then the ER doc came back and explained to me what the concern was. I had already gathered that there was a concern due to the way everyone was acting. Even in my fuzzy, drugged state, I knew something was up.

The ER doc informed me that she was concerned about a possible aortic dissection because onset can sometimes be back pain as I described coupled with very high bp readings. I got a little concerned at this and phoned Jon as I had driven myself. I couldn’t get him so I phoned our babysitter and explained what was going on and she said she would go immediately to our house, tell Jon what was going on, and stay with the kids.

He got there after they had done an x-ray that revealed nothing, and was just in time for the CT scan. 

Luckily, no aortic dissection.

Next thing, the bp was still a huge concern. They wanted me admitted to hospital for monitoring. And, even better, I was going by ambulance. Did I mention we have no insurance?? Before I left, they gave me the bp cuff to take along for use at the hospital. I never heard of such a thing but I thought maybe they were crazy big into recycling or something.

Fast forward to hospital. They get me into the room and as I’m sitting on the bed trying to grab my stuff off the stretcher, I show the nurse the bp cuff and told her that the ER sent it along for them to use. She then proceeded to verify, “They used that on you?” I said that they had. She then rolled her eyes and informed me that it was the wrong size cuff. I then asked her if that could have any responsibility for the mega high readings. She stated that it would.

Now, they monitored my bp throughout the whole time I was there and, wouldn’t you know it? It wasn’t bad at all.

They tried to check the baby’s heartrate with a handheld doppler but had no luck. The brought in an ultrasound to check on the baby. Now I’m all kinds of confused because the ultrasound dated the baby at 8 weeks 1 day (as of Monday, 21, June 2010).