(More) Home improvements

Happy Tuesday. Sorry I’ve not posted lately. Been busy. Over the weekend we painted the kids’ rooms. Noah originally wanted pink but I was pretty sure that Henry did not. So we came up with a great compromise.

2013-07-28 16.39.22

This way both Henry, who prefers oranges and yellows and greens, and Noah can be happy.

Ceili Fey picked out her room color also. This is what she chose.

2013-07-28 16.38.09

Admittedly, I am not a fan, but she is, and that’s all that matters.

Later on, Henry decided he wanted to help.

2013-07-28 16.48.32

He was quite proud of himself, too.

Now all that remains are some touch-ups and furniture arrangement. Ceili Fey is going to get my old dresser once it’s refinished and painted – in a color that goes with her room – and a new bed, once we find one we like. The little dudes have some Mickey Mouse characters that go up on their walls as well as some photos for Ceili Fey’s room.

Eventually we’ll get around to painting the rest of the place.