Henry’s allergy

The past couple days Henry has been running a fever and very drooly. We’re certain he’s  got more teeth coming in. I’ve also noticed the last couple of days Henry was looking a little puffy around the face, especially the eyes. Today his face was so swollen his eyes didn’t look right and I got very concerned. It presented very much as an allergic reaction but I didn’t know what to do. Jon ran him to our doctor’s office only to find them closed. Instead he went to the urgent care clinic and got him checked out there. The doctor said that Henry has a cat allergy.

We know that one of the cats has been going in the bedroom at night because we hear the door creak and find it open more than it had been when we put him to bed. Our cat, Uber, frequently crawls in bed with someone if he’s cold. Henry has been running a fever so who better to curl up with? It makes sense that Henry has been having a reaction to having a cat that close to his face for long periods of time. Poor guy.

So, Henry is now on a regimen of Benadryl and Prednisone for the next few days. And his bedroom is now a cat-free zone.