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Our TriCare ended in March, not because Jon’s done with the mil, but because there was some sort of stupid computer issue which was not showing that he had extended his contract for another few months. He never had a chance to get back over to Ft. Ben to take care of it and I didn’t know that all I probably would have had to have done was to get a copy of his contract and show it to the TriCare office. Suffice it to say, we have been without insurance since March.

I found out about this insurance limited benefit plan called Health Option One. They said they would take us even with Jon being a diabetic. No one ever wants to cover a Diabetic, even when the Diabetes is controlled. I think they even said something about that being the last day of the month that they were taking pre-existing conditions. I dunno, it could well be a scam.

We did receive our packet, including our cards. I just called to have some errors fixed, but other than that, it looks official.

The way it was explained to me was that there’s some sort of one-time fee – I think it’s kind of like a membership fee – and then just the regular monthly payments from that point on. So long as no one is admitted to a hospital, things are covered. If we are admitted, then it is some sort of indemnity plan, I think. I don’t know for sure… all this stuff is kind of new to me. I haven’t really shopped around for insurance before. Not even car insurance.

I’m not sure if this is a legit plan. I hope it is since they have some of our money. The screwy thing is that, even though it went into affect the first of this month, we can’t actually use it until next month. I don’t quite get that but maybe it’s normal.

In any case, as soon as I know more – and get to use it – I’ll be glad to fill everyone in on my experience with Health Option One. Again, if you decide to use them, do it at your own risk. I don’t know enough about – or have enough experience with – them to tell you one way or another.

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  1. Insurance… what a headache, seriously. Even when you have a good one they go and change it on ya. I think they are ruling the world.alicia @ a beautiful mess

  2. Alicia, thanks for reading. TriCare was pretty good. We really had few complaints. It's my understanding, that's rare.

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