Halloween 2011

I do hope everyone had a happy Halloween and/or a happy Samhain. Our kids seemed to.

Unfortunately I waited ’til late in the season to buy costumes again this year. It just seemed like it got here so quickly, though. Elias wound up being Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story), although he would have preferred Jesse – I just couldn’t find any Jesse costumes in his size that were in stock. Noah was Woody (Toy Story), which delighted him. Ceili Fey was Alice in Wonderland (conservative “tween” version). Henry was a pumpkin.

I’m just curious if anyone else is as disturbed by the slutty costume trend for “tweens” as I am. I looked long and hard over many different websites for hours – literally hours! – trying to find a costume that would fit my daughter that was age-appropriate. It’s bad enough that all of the “career” costumes are geared toward boys but to have all the “girl” costumes so short they cannot bend over without exposing their underwear. WTF is up with that?? It makes no sense. Are there truly moms out there who are okay with their daughters dressing as though they belong in porn? Or are those the same moms who think it perfectly fine to dress like that on a daily basis? Honestly, I want my little girl to stay a little girl as long as she possibly can. She’ll grow up soon enough. I’d prefer that she not think that the best way to draw attention is to dress in such a manner.

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  1. I was having a conversation with mom on this subject recently, little girls dressing far too slutty. I have a little cousin who's just about 11 and some of the pictures she (AND HER MOTHER) put on facebook are disturbing. Don't even get me started on the whole 10 yr old on facebook thing. Children should be children. =(

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