Haier sucks 

A year ago Mother’s Day, we discovered we had a fridge out. With such little warning, we had little budget to do so but thought we’d found a good buy when we found a larger one with the Haier name brand. We were under the impression that Haier was a German brand that had been around quite awhile so we bought it and felt very good about our buy. 

Fast forward to several weeks ago and I noticed the milk didn’t seem as cold as I thought it should be. I dismissed it as a weird pregnancy thing. I shouldn’t have. A few weeks later, it stopped cooling the fridge though the freezer still worked. 

I had a heckuva time getting anyone to help. The Haier number gave me exactly one repair place in our area and they told me to call someone else as they were booked solid for weeks. That seemed odd to me. 
Here. I’ll let my response to the email from some rep at Haier explain the rest. 

After getting zero assistance from Haier and having no luck whatsoever finding anyone willing to work on a Haier fridge, I did an internet search to find out why. Luckily, I was able to discover what hunks of junk anything with a Haier logo are before we spent even more money on it. 

We scrapped the fridge – seems to be all they’re good for, really – and bought an LG. I’ve also wasted no opportunity to let everyone I come in contact with know what pieces of shite these products are. Not that it will affect you in any way. I’m sure all the execs at Haier and Lowe’s still sleep just fine knowing how badly they’re screwing people over with these horrible products. 

Personally I’d have preferred dumping the damned thing off in your front lobby in multiple pieces but that seems that locale is kept pretty secret. Probably because your company couldn’t afford the maintenance from all of your customers doing the same thing. 

May the fleas from a thousand camels infest your armpits and all that jazz. 

I neglected to mention that Haier is now a Chinese company that seems to really skimp. The vast majority of the complaints I found told how the fridge lasted right about a year. Usually just a little over. Yanno, right past the warranty expires. 

Please don’t buy Haier. You’ll regret it. I know we did. And so do many others.