Gluten Free Update – Day 66

I’m still hanging in there. It’s kind of hard because we have to make meals much differently now.

  • Meijer is a good place to shop for GF (Gluten Free) mixes.
  • Kroger has Udi’s GF bread products. I’ve purchased GF hamburger buns, GF hot dog buns, GF bagels, and GF loaves of bread there. They’re not just in with the breads or in with the GF stuff in the natural foods section. They are on a small display case set up near both sections, though. You have to really look for it.
  • Whole Foods has GF products, as well. I just don’t get there often, plus they can be a bit pricey.

If you’ve gone GF, you probably know that while GF foods are not everywhere, they are getting much easier to find. It seems most groceries carry at least some GF food items.

I must admit that I have yet to find GF cookies or GF crackers that taste like anything other than yuck. If you’re aware of any, please let me know!!

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Update – Day 66”

  1. Hi Amanda! My mom and I are both gluten free. We really like Nut Thins (by the company Blue Diamond Growers). But we also don't eat much crackers, so we haven't tried most GF crackers.We also reeeeaaallly love Pamela's products pancakes, brownies, and cake are FANTASTIC! The cookies are so-so, but my mom makes them excellent by adding more brown sugar and vanilla.Arnel's is also really good, too– especially for pie crusts (the bread can be a little dry but tastey). in doubt, just buy GF flour and make your own! Although I would steer away from garbanzo bean flour– it's got an interesting flavour, probably one that's acquired but I found the after taste to be unappealing and it smells kind of funny.

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