Gluten-free Day 4

This is my fourth full day of going gluten free. It’s a little difficult having to double check ingredients, especially in restaurants, but I’m already noticing that my gastrointestinal symptoms have diminished greatly. Yay!!

I did feel like an idiot because yesterday, when I took our sick kids to the doctor’s office, I hurriedly grabbed lunch for everyone at the drive-through. It wasn’t until I was midway through my McDonald’s cheeseburger that I realized what I was doing. Ugh!! 

I kind of wish I had given myself a little bit longer before doing it, maybe after the holidays, because I’ve been sort of lamenting the things that I won’t be able to have. No more Italian, that’s for sure. And I really loved Sal’s in Plainfield (Indiana) and Papa Joe’s Jr in Avon (Indiana).

We are meeting Jon’s parents for supper tonight and I hate that I’m basically hijacking where we can eat now.