Gluten Free Day 29

For supper tonight we went to a place called BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Louisville, Kentucky due to their GF (gluten free) menu.

To say the service was slow would be an understatement. It would also be very nice because service was just plain bad. My mother ordered grilled cheese off the kid’s menu – she didn’t see senior menu options or they didn’t have any, not sure – along with a baked potato. When our food (finally!) arrived, hers was cold. She thought about having them redo it but was concerned that with the length of time it took to get our food, everyone else would be done before hers even arrived so she declined.

Our waiter screwed Ceili Fey’s side up and then insisted that it was what she asked for – I was sitting right next to her and knew it wasn’t – although he did have the correct side brought out. Elias and Noah didn’t care for their grilled cheese at all. I cannot help but wonder if it wasn’t because they were cold.

Jon’s burger was alright, but not overly warm. 

My GF pizza was very good.

Unfortunately, everyone else’s meals were mediocre at best. Based on that, we’ll never go back which is a shame because there’s a good chance that we will return to Pirate’s Bay Indoor Water Park there in nearby Shepherdsville and it would have been nice to have a good GF go-to place.