Formula: Does brand matter?

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I think most everyone that reads my blog knows how I feel about breastfeeding. I believe it to be the best choice you can make. I also realize that sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t work and there are a variety of reasons that may cause this, not producing enough, various medications that can reduce supply, extreme stress, etc. In the event that you cannot give your child enough breastmilk, there is always the option of formula.

I’m sure you have seen the ads for various name brand formulas. They usually try to convince you that their brand is the best and that store brands are not in any way comparable. With all of the different brands competing, it can be very confusing to know which brand is the best for your baby. And no one wants to give their children an inferior product. How do you know what to purchase?

A court determined  that Mead Johnson Nutrition Co., the company that makes Enfamil, engaged in false advertising in an advertisement that said “store brand” infant formula was inferior to its Enfamil LIPIL. When Mead tried to have the judgement overturned recently, an appeals court ruled against them. (more information can be found at

What does this mean to you? This means that, if you feed your baby formula, all of the brands are equal; they all contain the same nutrients. So you can rest assured that that less expensive store brand formula is just as good as that major name brand.more information

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