fed up

I’m so very frustrated. I am expected to be in the office every day, taking care of things there, with no pay. Ever. Never ever.

Jon likes to tell me how he makes the money, he’s the one standing out in traffic with cars whizzing by him, working his ass off. Blah, blah, freakin’ blah. What I do in the office is negligible, it would seem. Yet, if he actually hired someone to come into the office at $9.00 an hour – and I’m willing to bet that $9/hr would be a real bargain – we’re talking, what? $360 for a full week’s work? The way I see it, he saves well over $300 a week by having me working for free. Yet. I. Apparently. Don’t. Count. At. Making. Money. He is the only one that makes money. So, fine. He’s the only one that makes us money.

I’m so fed up with it. I’m tired as hell in just about every way imaginable. If he thinks he’s the only one that works, then fine. Let him be the only one that works.