Easter weekend

Friday we picked up my new – well, new to me – truck. It’s a 2002 Chevy Tahoe. It’s bright red and I love it! It’s very big (to me) and very nice. It has heated seats, a DVD player, although I think the DVD player may be going out so there is a good chance we will need to repair or replace it. The CD player only plays one CD at a time – unlike my prior Explorer that has a 6 disc changer – but it’s still wonderful. I love it soooo much! I also found out it takes either gasoline or E85.

Saturday we went to Jon’s parents’ house for the day. Jon and his dad worked on building a box-type thing for the back of his Explorer to keep all of his work equipment inside. While they were working on that, the kids ran around and played.

Noah took that opportunity to do his favorite thing in the whole wide world: strip.

Sunday was Easter. Noah really got into the egg hunt thing. Ceili Fey didn’t have to give him any pointers. Elias? Not so much. He really could have cared less. He found a couple of eggs but mostly just wanted to eat candy and was quite content to let the other two hunt for eggs.

And Henry? He had a good time, too.