Diaper supply

Here’s what I have on hand:

3 Thirsties covers (in orange, green, blue – hook and loop fastener)   
Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (in white – hook and loop fastener)    
3 Bummis Polar Bummis (white – hook and loop)     
1 Blueberry cover (cow, of course – hook and loop)     
9 Wonder Wraps (green, cream, blue stripes, maroon stripes, purple, baby birds, orange – hook and loop)   
5 Flip covers (green, blue, yellow – snaps)    
2 Bum-Ware AIO diapers (green, blue – hook and loop)    
1 Preston’s Pants AIO with two inserts (cow print – snaps)  
1 Bumkins cover (Cat in the Hat – hook and loop)
and a bunch of prefolds

Basically – and I’m still pretty new to this – the prefolds are those things that you may know as burp cloths. You fold them just so and put them inside the diaper cover. If you want to know how to fold them, don’t just guess. Look it up on YouTube. Trust me on this. AIO diapers are used just like a disposable, except for the throwing away part, natch. Also, hook and loop fasteners are also called Velco, except Velcro is actually a brand name.

I can honestly say that, of these, the Flip covers and the Wonder Wraps covers are my favorites. I like the prefolds, possibly better than the AIO’s (all-in-ones).The Flip covers are the only covers I have with snaps, which make it a little harder for Elias to take off. He also seems to have a harder time with the Wonder Wraps but, besides that, I like the stretchiness, feel, and fit of the Flip and Wonder Wraps. For some reason, the Thirsties don’t seem to fit right. I’ll put them on him and they’ll look fine, but then when he goes to stand up, it all hangs down and looks funny. When I put him in the Wonder Wrap or the Flip covers, they fit great and stay right where they started.

I have also almost completely stopped using disposable wipes and I’m using cloth instead.

Maybe it’s really silly but I’m proud of myself for making the decision to switch and sticking to it. I’ve been accused of not following through with anything so, to me, this is a big deal. But, even more importantly, Noah’s horrible eczema is almost completely gone!!

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  1. Whocg23, thanks for reading!! It's a little bit more work but I definitely prefer cloth to 'sposies. And sooo much cuter, too!

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