Day Out With Thomas + our Cincinnati weekend

Last Friday we went to Connersville for Day Out With Thomas. It was very bittersweet because, last year (the first time we went), we had Elias with us. Sometimes it just felt so… wrong. I’m not sure anything will ever feel totally right again.

The kids had a great time this year. For that I’m glad. Ceili Fey thought of Elias as she did some of the same things they did last year… I certainly did.

I’m pretty sure this will be Ceili Fey’s last barrel train ride. 🙁

This cute pony kept coming over to us for attention – and probably food, although we had none

Henry was NOT having any of this pony ride stuff

The kids had a really good time doing all of the activities. I’m sure they can’t wait for next year.

After we left Connersville, we headed to our hotel near Cincinnati.

Unfortunately, the zoo was pretty bad. Nearly all of the animals we wanted to see were not there for whatever reason. I don’t get it, I had always heard such good things about the Cincinnati Zoo, but I thought it sucked.

Noah was pleased to see a baby elephant

This big guy wondered all over the eating area trying to bum food.

Noah was excited to see penguins

Poor Noah was so upset. He wanted desperately to see a hippo – he even brought his hippo Pillow Pet so that “Blue” could see other hippos. The zoo had none. He then hoped for a lion. The zoo had none. He hoped to see a tiger. They had none. He very dejectedly walked toward the gift shop saying, “Dey have no hippo. Dey have no lion. Dey have no tiger. I want a new zoo… I want to go home.” Poor little guy. I couldn’t believe we spent nearly $100 to walk around in the hot and look at empty cages.

In short, I wouldn’t recommend the Cincinnati Zoo to anyone, unless you just want to blow your money.

Everything at Cincinnati was super expensive. By the time we paid what we did at the zoo, and were as disappointed as we were, we were very hesitant to do much else. We wound up not doing a whole lot else and we left first thing Sunday morning.

Had we known, we probably would have gone back to Pittsburgh. They know how to do a zoo.