Crazy week

This has been one crazy week. Our nanny wound up with a pinched nerve in her neck that first got misdiagnosed over the weekend and then resulted in her missing nearly the entire week. As I posted yesterday (which, for the record, was supposed to be scheduled to post first thing Thursday morning but, for whatever reason, did not until I just published it), I was home with the kids all that time. It was actually a relatively enjoyable week. I must confess that I had initially dreaded it once I found out over the weekend that she wouldn’t be in.

Unfortunately this meant our office was very neglected and out-of-sorts. My mother did come and fill in yesterday in the office, which helped a lot. I’m taking a break and blogging, in between trying to get caught up.

Yesterday, Ceili Fey stayed home sick. Some sort of stomach bug it seems. This was the sight I was met with in her room as we were getting ready for lunch.

2013-08-15 12.00.08

So sweet! She’s such a great sister. She’s also a great kid.

Luckily, her stomach bug only lasted the day, she’s back at school today. It’s funny, in years past, I’ve counted down the days ’til school goes back, but now I miss her being home. Hard to believe she’s just started fifth grade. To compound matters, Noah starts pre-k next week. I can’t believe he’s so big!

Jon wound up with what appears to be a pinched nerve in his leg. Our Nurse Practitioner initially thought it might be a blood clot or necropathy from his diabetes. Luckily, an ultrasound did not pick anything up. Although, this was a wake up call to me and – hopefully to him as well – that he needs to get back on his meds and his regimen. I hate the thought of losing him and, as I’ve seen in life, there are no guarantees.

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