Contrary little bugger

We just returned from the midwife appointment. Due to my blood pressure being elevated during this pregnancy, the last few weeks we’ve been having to endure non-stress tests every week. Yes, I mean endure. It seems that this baby does not want to cooperate and, in fact, does everything in his power to not cooperate. He squirms, he rolls, he moves, he hides…. Except today. Today he decided to sleep. Through the entire test. As a result we have a “non-reactive” baby and an inconclusive result.

Ordinarily the protocol is to go for some sort of bio-physical ultrasound thing. Since our midwife knows that this little bugger normally does anything he can to avoid cooperating for the test, she wants us to come back this evening to repeat the test to see if we get a different result. If not, we have an appointment scheduled tomorrow morning for the ultrasound. If so, they will cancel the appointment.

Luckily, our nanny can stay late tonight so that we can go back and redo the test.

Let’s hope the little bugger decides to cooperate this time, hmm?