Cloth diapering…

Okay, we’ve been doing this cloth diaper thing for a few weeks now. I like it. Unfortunately, Noah started having some issue with the hemp prefolds I had been using on him at night. Before we knew what happened, he had bad sores on him – way beyond any diaper rash I’d ever seen! We stopped using those and the skin improved, buy still didn’t go away. After a couple of doctor visits and some ‘sposies at night, we’ve pretty well got him healed. We’re still prolly going to give it a couple more nights with ‘sposies to make sure.
I also learned that we need to get some fleece liners for overnight. Apparently the fleece liners wick the moisture away from baby’s skin to the cloth diaper underneath. So that’s next on my list of purchases. We’ve got more than enough prefolds for Noah now. Honestly, I think I could stand to have a few more for Elias because, let’s face facts, sometimes it’s just hard to get laundry done every single day, let alone multiple times a day.
In case anyone is interested, here is the fold that I learned and that we use. Some places call it the Newspaper Fold, others call it the Cuff Fold. I just know it’s easy to do and it works well for us. Now, when Elias poops it does have a tendency to get off of the prefold and on the (inside) at the legs of the diaper cover. It’s never actually come outside the cover though and leaks are really a thing of the past.
My only regret is that we didn’t try it sooner.