One thought on “Chore poll/survey”

  1. Okay so at the age of 12 I was already heavily involved in taking care of my siblings including diapering, feeding, entertaining them in basement, as they got older things like prepping them for day camp, making lunches, etc. My parents just thought it easier I guess to have their older kid raise the younger ones. Anyway, the level of my Mom and Stepdads lack of involvement and issues is a topic for another day. So I don’t think that is a realistic reflection but I also did the standard stuff like dishwasher, vacuuming etc.

    Anyway I have a 13 year old and he has responsibilities with our dog, he is the one to get up in the morning with him and let him out (and clean up what he leaves out there too) he empties the dishwasher, takes care of emptying the garbage and getting it to the curb on collection day along with the recycling. For the most part he does his own laundry unless I am doing a bunch and will just throw his in as well since I’m down there. If my hubby and I go out grocery shopping he watches his sister (without pay) but if we go on a date we pay him. He of course cleans his room including vacuuming, and helps out with any other chores as needed. Oh and of course makes his own lunch for school. He is also the one who stacks the dirty dishes after dinner and wipes the table down.

    Our 7 year old puts away her own laundry, makes her bed, cleans her room (including sweeping). She makes her own lunch, sometimes helps put dishes away. She likes to sweep so sometimes helps with that. She of course also needs to keep her toy area downstairs clean.

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