Slut shaming?

I guess I’m a bit baffled why so many people – especially women – are okay with a new term that’s been coined: Slut shaming. While I very much get the premise behind it, and agree whole-heartedly that women shouldn’t be shamed for their sexuality, I cannot fathom why so many are getting behind this ridiculous term.

By saying someone has been “slut-shamed”, you are, in essence, calling her a slut. Isn’t that exactly what you’re fighting against?? By using this term, we’re giving more of a backhanded compliment – and that’s the nicest thing I could come up with. We’re telling women that, if you’re a slut, you shouldn’t be shamed. WTF, people?? How have we become so damned stupid? Are we really okay with being called a slut? Are we really okay with our daughters being called sluts?

I’m certainly no prude and I find it insane that, even today, that absurd double standard is still in place. You know the one. It tells us that men can screw around with as many women as they want and even be lauded for it, yet women are expected to keep their legs crossed. I’ve never quite understood how that whole thing even makes sense because, after all, if the women kept their legs crossed, how could those studly men be out showing off their prowess?  But, I digress.

Why can’t we instead use something that’s a bit more woman and girl friendly, like sex shamed or something of that nature? Yeah, I realize it’s truly generic and it certainly doesn’t make polite society gasp as they do at the word “slut” being thrown about, but why can’t we think about the underlying message we’re actually sending for once? If we’re truly concerned for our girls, we’ll stop calling them sluts.

Obamacare bites

Well, this is awesome. Our current (shitty) company health insurance plan  with Medical Mutual is $1,727 a month with a $2,500 single/$7,500 family deductible. We pay 40 or 50% of that, the employee pays the remainder. Just got our quotes in from Anthem. The cheapest one has a $5,000 single/$10,000 family deductible to the tune of $2,192.98. That’s $466.98 more a month than we’re paying right now!!

There are other Anthem options with $2,500 single/$7,500 family deductibles, but those are $2,635.96 and $3,092.73. Oh. Let’s not forget United Healthcare – they came in at a whopping $4,150.06.

There’s no freaking way we can do this. So, congratulations! We’re no longer able to provide insurance for our employees. I suspect that the rates at the exchanges are going to be similar. If that’s the case, whoopee! we can no longer afford insurance for ourselves.

So, I guess sign us up for the penalties then.

The insanity that is the Camm trial

Some of my readers may be familiar with the David Camm trial that is going on now right across from our office – it’s a change of venue trial from Georgetown, Indiana (a town not far from Louisville, Kentucky). For those that are not, you can learn more here.

After watching some of the news clips from the Louisville stations, I’m even more astounded at this circus than I was before.

Both of this man’s trials were overturned. Obviously someone screwed up somewhere along the line. Yes, maybe Camm did it, but enough is enough. Why is prosecution gunning so badly for this guy? People get away with horrible crimes every day – assuming he even did it – and we don’t go chasing after them in court for thirteen years. Yes, thirteen freaking years!!

What’s so important about this particular man? Is it because he was a cop? Well, that’s absurd. Look at how corrupt police departments are, yet I don’t see anyone doggedly chasing any of them for over a decade. Unless they’re trying to set some kind of bizarre example of him, but even that doesn’t seem right. It’s truly enough to make many people think that, somewhere along the line, he really pissed off one of the higher-ups.

Look, I get it, I do. A woman and her two children were heartlessly gunned down by a monster that just may have been the husband and father. That’s despicable and one of the worst betrayals of love and trust that I can think of. Here’s the thing about this. In the real world – and normally in the justice system – you generally get one chance on a really big deal. The prosecution is now on their third go-round! Can you imagine if you and I got so many do-overs in life? It’s unfortunate, but it sounds too me like they screwed up early on and need to just come to grips with it.

Seriously, stop the stupidity. Just how deep of a debt hole does Floyd County plan on digging here?? Or maybe this is about admitting that the prosecution screwed up time and again, which they so obviously did or those first two trials would not have been overturned.

And, aside from all that, what kind of precedent are we setting up here? One that says that you can be tried again and again and again – endlessly – in such cases? Is it so far from that to just get rid of double jeopardy altogether? Hell, I believe we’ve been chipping away at it for awhile now by saying that you can be sued in federal court as well as civil court.

Or perhaps the precedence we’re really setting here is one that says that the prosecutor does not actually have to do a good job proving his case against you because, even if you’re found guilty and it’s overturned, they can try you again and again and again.

Here’s a novel idea. Just cut your losses, Floyd County. The precedent you’re setting isn’t a favorable one.

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy crappy Birthday to me. Yes, today is my birthday. Is my husband planning to take the family out for my birthday? Well, no. You see he volunteered to go paint something for this damn committee he belongs to. He suggested I load the kids up and go have supper with my mom. Gee, thanks.

Edited to add: When I talked to him later his story changed a bit. He told me he hadn’t actually volunteered, he was just going to go and volunteer. Uhm, yeah, okay, whatever. The important part? We all went to Red Robin for supper. Yay!!

Max has got to go

I’m at my wits end with this dog. We’ve had Max around six weeks or so and he just doesn’t seem to be getting the whole housebreaking thing. We take him outside and, sometimes he’ll pee and/or poop, but when we bring him back inside, within a few moments, he finds a place to pee/poop in the house! We’ve tried scolding him, swatting him, taking him outdoors every few hours…. we most recently tried some puppy pads but all he does it walk over them and pee on the carpet!! 

Honestly, I like the dog, I really do. Ceili Fey is devastated at the thought that he may be leaving but I just can’t deal with the lack of training. I don’t know what else to do, other than find a new home for him, preferably with someone that can give him more attention than we’re able to with four kids.

If I knew someone that would train him for me, I’d be willing to pay for it, but I don’t know of anywhere providing that service so, here I am, trying to find a new home for Max and feeling like total shit for doing so.