Haier sucksĀ 

A year ago Mother’s Day, we discovered we had a fridge out. With such little warning, we had little budget to do so but thought we’d found a good buy when we found a larger one with the Haier name brand. We were under the impression that Haier was a German brand that had been around quite awhile so we bought it and felt very good about our buy. 

Fast forward to several weeks ago and I noticed the milk didn’t seem as cold as I thought it should be. I dismissed it as a weird pregnancy thing. I shouldn’t have. A few weeks later, it stopped cooling the fridge though the freezer still worked. 

I had a heckuva time getting anyone to help. The Haier number gave me exactly one repair place in our area and they told me to call someone else as they were booked solid for weeks. That seemed odd to me. 
Here. I’ll let my response to the email from some rep at Haier explain the rest. 

After getting zero assistance from Haier and having no luck whatsoever finding anyone willing to work on a Haier fridge, I did an internet search to find out why. Luckily, I was able to discover what hunks of junk anything with a Haier logo are before we spent even more money on it. 

We scrapped the fridge – seems to be all they’re good for, really – and bought an LG. I’ve also wasted no opportunity to let everyone I come in contact with know what pieces of shite these products are. Not that it will affect you in any way. I’m sure all the execs at Haier and Lowe’s still sleep just fine knowing how badly they’re screwing people over with these horrible products. 

Personally I’d have preferred dumping the damned thing off in your front lobby in multiple pieces but that seems that locale is kept pretty secret. Probably because your company couldn’t afford the maintenance from all of your customers doing the same thing. 

May the fleas from a thousand camels infest your armpits and all that jazz. 

I neglected to mention that Haier is now a Chinese company that seems to really skimp. The vast majority of the complaints I found told how the fridge lasted right about a year. Usually just a little over. Yanno, right past the warranty expires. 

Please don’t buy Haier. You’ll regret it. I know we did. And so do many others. 

Some new developments

It’s been awhile, I know. I’ve had some things going on and I knew I needed to steer clear of my blog or I’d divulge everything. 

We’re going to have a new little one around 29, November. A bit unexpected as I had experienced some hot flashes so I kinda thought we didn’t have a whole lot to worry about. 

My blood pressure has been a bit of a concern, especially with being pregnant. Additionally, when I went to see our NP yesterday, she was concerned about my pulse rate and she thought she might have heard a murmur but wasn’t positive. 

In any case I now have an appointment with a cardiologist in August. 

When you factor in the congestive heart failure of my father that he doesn’t seem to know a dann thing about, my maternal grandmother’s heart issues that I don’t know enough about, and the fact that my mother’s brother has had heart issues, I’m more than a little freaked out right now. 

I don’t know what to do. Should I start exercising vigorously? Should I take it super easy? Should I stop eating meat? I have no idea what to do here and the stress of waiting until August isn’t exactly doing me any favors. 

So there’s that. 
Also, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve secretly suspected something may be wrong for awhile now. I just haven’t wanted to admit it out loud. 

Kind of funny. Some guy warned Jon and I both to be careful with each other because people can and do die of broken hearts. Maybe there’s something to it. Heh. 

On days like this

It’s midnight as I write this. That means that, in several more hours, it’s four years to the moment our son, Elias, died.

Apparently Facebook saw fit to remind me and rub salt in that wound by showing me a “memory” in the form of a picture of him. It just popped up in my feed last night. No, lie, I truly do wish for a slow, painful demise for whatever genius decided it would be a great idea to force you to relive pain in the form of memories on Facebook.

But, this is the day, with or without Facebook. It’s always difficult. Doesn’t really get much easier. You just sort of look for ways to get through it. That’s all you can do.

I’m hoping to soften the blow just a bit this time because several months ago, I bought tickets to Disney on Ice for the family. I guess it’s my way of trying to not have the next several days really suck. After all, Ceili Fey has a birthday on the sixth and Calvin’s is on the seventh. The past few birthdays have kind of sucked for her, especially. Hopefully this will be a great memory for all of the kids.

Here’s to memories, past and future.

Parenthood can suck it

Well, I’m now the world’s worst mom because I don’t buy mainstream hygiene products. I’m horrible because I buy uncool products that have ingredients I can actually pronounce. Hell, I even sell some so I’m sure that take my uncool factor into the negatives.

Yes, I’m an awful person for actually reading labels and not purchasing shampoos, soaps, lotions, and cosmetics that contain carcinogens or endocrine disrupters. Damn me to hell for caring.

It’s times like this I hate being a parent. Absolutely hate it.

Musings on religion

As a kid I used to be terrified of Hell and all that went with it. The hot, the torment, the being kept from the people that I loved….

I spent much of my time praying, asking to be forgiven and for God to come into my heart because, yanno, that’s what you must do to avoid hell. That meant that EVERY night before bed, I would pray. And pray. And pray. I frequently would fall asleep before I finished because, unlike my grandmother who “had the Holy Spirit” and was spoken to by God, I never felt God “enter” my heart. If I would say something about this, I’d be instructed to pray harder. I knew I must be doing something wrong. I would pray more in the hopes that I could feel what my Grandma did. God never spoke to me. No matter how much I prayed. I knew I wasn’t a good Christian. Maybe God didn’t want me. Maybe He knew my secret doubts and concerns!

Most anything I would do would make me feel guilty so, of course, I would pray. I’d feel guilty for not praying if I’d forget. I’d feel guilty if I fell asleep before finishing. I’d feel guilty if I listened to “devil music” or read something that might have been “not of God”.

I knew that my sole purpose in life was to serve God. That was also the only eternal purpose as well. It didn’t sound like much fun to me, to be honest. I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to spend an eternity worshipping and fearing a divine being. It all honestly sounded a bit twisted, like a controlling boyfriend. I just wanted to live and enjoy life but I was terrified at the thought of burning forever.

My first marriage was mostly because I felt guilty becauseI was having premarital sex, even though I’d been having it for a couple years. Unfortunately, I did so to the detriment of a relationship with someone who I actually loved. He would die before I ever had an opportunity to apologize to him.

Eventually I started questioning things. I figured either I was a bad, unsavable person or something just wasn’t right about what all I’d been told. I was on the fence awhile but then after Elias died, I really began to question things. Especially after getting involved in online support groups for bereaved parents where most of them actually say things like how things happen for a reason and God took their child, etc. How the fuck can anyone love or worship something that would do that to people? Many take comfort in seeing their child again in Heaven one day. I’ll be honest. I’m kind of jealous of them because since I have come to believe that Hell is basically a social construct designed to scare people like me into toeing the line, it would stand to reason that Heaven, being the total opposite of Hell, would be made up as well.

I have a hard time wrapping my mind around everything. I still have a lot of guilt. I guess maybe I’m a recovering Christian.