Elias and Noah’s birthday party

Elias and Noah’s birthday party was on Saturday. Admittedly, it was a little disappointing to me. Hardly anyone on my side showed up – various reasons from forgetfulness to illness to work. Fortunately, the little guys didn’t notice. They had a great time.

Poor Noah hasn’t gotten much play time with his giraffe trike because Elias keeps glomming onto it.

Same with the kissing Elmo that was supposed to be for Noah!

Ceili Fey, Josie and Kaitlyn all had a good time.

And then there was cake!

For some reason, Elias didn’t want much to do with the cake.


That didn’t stop Noah!!

Since Noah was enjoying it so much, Roberta and I even snuck him some chocolate cake.

The dreaded toy section

Since there is a birthday party that Ceili Fey will attend tomorrow, we had to purchase a gift today. My mother was kind enough (read: crazy enough) to come along on the trip. We arrived at Target and selected a cart. I purposely chose one of the big ones that have the two seats up front so that Elias could sit there without disrupting his brother who sits quietly in his car seat in the regular seat portion of the cart, as well as keeping him out of the basket portion of the cart. I didn’t really want him messing around with whatever gift we chose.

We headed to the toy aisle. On the way, Elias decided to have a big fit about sitting in the seat. He much preferred to half the lower half of him drag behind with me straddling him the whole way. That was apparently quite enjoyable until it occurred to him that I didn’t much care so long as he was some semblance of inside the cart. Finally, we made it to the toy section. We went into one of the “boy” aisles because we were told that the birthday boy is “all-boy.” As my mother and I are trying to select just the right gift, Elias is looking at all of the different cars and trucks in the aisle and picking them up to look at them before placing them (mostly) back in their spot.

Luckily, we decided on a gift because right about that time, Elias decided he was done looking at cars and trucks and went off to find “Melmo,” which is what he calls Elmo. Surprisingly enough, he went to the end of the aisle, called out “Melmo, Melmo, Melmo” and pointed as soon as I looked so that I knew what he was doing. My mom took the cart where Noah was quietly looking around at all of the toys and I headed off behind Elias. Where else? Straight to the Melmos.

He had a grand time playing with the Elmos, especially the ones that sang. He pointed to various toys and determined they were “Melmo,” even if they were Cookie Monster…. you get the idea.

I noticed some small plush Sesame Street characters hanging up high. “Classic” Sesame Street, they were labeled. Classic? Really? *Sigh.*

Since Elias and Noah both have birthdays coming up, we waited ’til Elias was distracted and then we grabbed a few (remember, they’re small). We wound up with Elmo, Grover, Oscar, and I cannot think what the other was is called… they’re those monsters that were like bicycle horns, they would push on their nose and the horns would sound. Anyway, we got one of those, too. Very cute.


I’m finishing up the invitations for Ceili Fey’s birthday party. This year her birthday falls on a Saturday. She is very excited about it. She has decided to go with the Disney Princesses as her theme. Some days I wish we didn’t own anything Disney but what can you do?

We have almost everything we need for her party. There is still the matter of plates for the cake and ice cream. Can you believe they were out of them??

She wanted very badly to have a party with all of her classmates this year but the rest of us just aren’t quite ready for that yet. I told her we’ll see about next year.