Ceili Fey’s birthday party

I tried to get one of her blowing out the candles but missed by a few seconds

Noah really enjoyed his cake

What’s this?
Oh, wow!!

An American Girl doll!!

Ceili Fey got a lot of great presents however the American Girl doll is something she has wanted for years.

A locking diary! She’s been asking for one for some time

Henry seemed to enjoy spending time with his family also.

One sucky birthday

My birthday yesterday started off like any other day. Nothing remarkable in the morning.

At around 10 or so, Ceili Fey mentioned to me that Oma (my mother) was coming over after breakfast. I was a little confused and thought she must have misunderstood since nothing was said to me about it. I phoned my mother to see. Yes, she had told Ceili Fey she would be coming over. I then asked if she would mind stopping at Hardee’s and getting us some lunch. She agreed.

When my mother arrived, she had with her a quarter sheet cake and some roses. I was surprised.

After lunch, and cake, I put the little guys down for a nap and told Ceili Fey to go and have some quiet time as well. My mother and I just sat and talked and had a nice visit.

Fast forward to shortly before supper. Jon phoned and asked what I wanted to do for supper, if I wanted to go out or stay home. I opted for staying home. He said that he would run to the corner store and get a couple of things and for me to go ahead and put supper in the oven.

Jon came in with a card from him and one from the kids – he had Ceili Fey sign it when he arrived – and shortly after that, he starting yelling about my mother. At this point, I was completely confused. When I went to see what the problem was, he showed me that he had brought a cake home for me.

To me, I thought it was just really cool that they had both suprised me with cake. I love cake! But no, you would have thought that my mother delibrately got a cake to somehow interfere with his plans. *sigh* To make a long story short, it pretty much sucked all of the fun out of what had been a pretty nice day. After the kids went to bed, I was just so drained that I ended up taking a bubble bath, reading a bit, and then going to bed. I just wanted the day to be over.

I get that he was pissed of because he feels that my mom meddles. I get that he wanted to be involved in any kind of birthday celebration with me. I do get that! I just wish he wouldn’t have shit all over my day like that.

Elias and Noah’s birthday party

Elias and Noah’s birthday party was on Saturday. Admittedly, it was a little disappointing to me. Hardly anyone on my side showed up – various reasons from forgetfulness to illness to work. Fortunately, the little guys didn’t notice. They had a great time.

Poor Noah hasn’t gotten much play time with his giraffe trike because Elias keeps glomming onto it.

Same with the kissing Elmo that was supposed to be for Noah!

Ceili Fey, Josie and Kaitlyn all had a good time.

And then there was cake!

For some reason, Elias didn’t want much to do with the cake.


That didn’t stop Noah!!

Since Noah was enjoying it so much, Roberta and I even snuck him some chocolate cake.


I’m finishing up the invitations for Ceili Fey’s birthday party. This year her birthday falls on a Saturday. She is very excited about it. She has decided to go with the Disney Princesses as her theme. Some days I wish we didn’t own anything Disney but what can you do?

We have almost everything we need for her party. There is still the matter of plates for the cake and ice cream. Can you believe they were out of them??

She wanted very badly to have a party with all of her classmates this year but the rest of us just aren’t quite ready for that yet. I told her we’ll see about next year.