Busy weekend

We had a fairly busy weekend. Saturday morning was Ceili Fey’s (second ever) t-ball game. Jon’s parents and my mother were there. The game lasted about an hour, after which we came back home and started on lunch. Everyone stayed for lunch, although my mom went home shortly after we ate. His parents hung around with us for awhile.

I must say, I really lucked out as far as in-laws go. Jon’s parents are fantastic people. I hear so many horror stories from people (including my own mother) about their mother-in-law and I’m just so grateful that mine is wonderful.

After Jon’s parents left, we all headed to Lafayette. Jon wanted to go to a model train store there before they closed. Afterward we met up with my father at the West Lafayette Christos for supper. I gotta say, if you ever get a chance to try Christos, you won’t be disappointed. Everything I’ve ever had there has been very tasty. Also, if you can manage to save room for dessert after their yummy food, their pies are scrumptious. You’ll see them on display when you first walk in. With all that being said, I am very quick to recommend the west side location, but not so quick to recommend the other one. I’ve only been to the Lafayette location two or three times, but I was not impressed. The West Lafayette location, however, is fantastic.

Sunday, my mother took Ceili Fey to church and the little guys and Jon and I piled in the van and drove to the Paragon Restaurant for brunch. They’ve got some great breakfasts. I’m sure other meals are good too, but I just always have breakfast when we go there – no matter the time.

Afterward, we came home. Jon mowed the lawn and I tried to weed a flowerbed only to end up with a hand covered in very annoyed ants. I gave that up pretty quick and decided to trim a hedge instead.

Before long, it was time for supper and, shortly after that, bedtime for the kids, enabling us to relax a bit.

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