Busy busy (plus updates)

I just got word that I was “hired” to be an Admin of a local chapter of The Mommies Network. Yay, me! I will start training in April. I am super excited but also a bit nervous. I’m going to have quite a bit on my plate now between the Admin position, working in the office again, the little guys plus a new baby. Plus normal housework on top of everything. Sheesh. I’ll have to figure out a schedule that works to keep it all together.

My hope is to get back to regular updates on the blog. I don’t know how well it will work, but that’s my goal.

Ceili Fey has been having attitude big time the last few weeks. I’m not sure but it may be related to Henry. I always try to make a point of spending time reading to her every night after the little guys get to bed before I tuck her in. It seems that she may need more individual attention. Or perhaps we need to just wear them out more often like we did Sunday. They were all too tired to give us much attitude that night!  

So far we’re having minimal accidents on the potty learning – ah, yes, that’s another thing that takes time and effort. Elias actually fell asleep at naptime today and didn’t have an accident. He’s been doing pretty well with it so far. Yesterday he didn’t get to the toilet in time because he didn’t want to stop what he was doing so he wrecked his underwear, pants, even his socks! When he goes, he goes all out.

Today, Noah actually told me that he had pooped. He’s had no discernible interest in the potty thus far, but maybe this is a good sign. Although, I’m not sure I’m up for two of them fighting over who gets to use the toilet first just yet.