Bow is gone

Yesterday, Roberta brought Henry and Noah to the office for lunch. As we were getting them into their car seats to go to the restaurant, Noah looked at the locket I was wearing. He wanted to see the pictures. I opened it and showed him. He said, “That’s Bow!” to which I replied, “Yes”. He then said, “Bow is gone” to which I replied, sadly, “Yes”. He then said something about Bow going to the doctor. I guess in Noah’s mind, Elias is still at the doctor/hospital, which is where he was told Bow was being taken that day, the day that he never came back home. I then said, “No, buddy. Bow is dead, Bow is gone”. He then wanted to know where Bow was. I told him, “Heaven, I hope, but I just don’t know”.

2 thoughts on “Bow is gone”

  1. Big hug – in the UK there is a charity called Winston's Wish and another called Richmond's Hope which helps children comes to terms with losing a sibling. They produce some helpful resources. You could have a look on-line to see if there is anything that might be useful. I am sure there will be similar orgs in the States too. It is very hard. Much love x

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