Bike ride

This morning, Ceili Fey went to a classmate’s birthday party. He had a police party. They even had one of our local police show up and let the kids run the lights and siren in the car. 

This evening, after supper, we went on a bike ride. Jon loaded up the little guys in the tow-behind bike trailer and Ceili Fey rode her new bike. She still has a lot of learning to do. After she outgrew her smaller bike, we kept not having the money to get her a bigger one so she never really learned to ride a bike without training wheels. She has them on now, but they are the kind that still allow her to fall if she leans over too much. I guess it’s to help her learn. I must admit that my patience wears a little thin because she can be the whiniest child. I swear. Sometimes I think it would be easier on all involved to just put her in a white pinafore and have her never leave the house so that she won’t get dirty, bruised, scraped, etc. I hope I don’t sound like a horrible person. She is just a very frustrating child! Nothing is ever right or to her satisfaction, there’s always something to whine about. I’m just so fed up with the whining.

I hate it that I didn’t get any pictures of the little guys on their first-ever ride. They laughed and giggled as Jon drove them around. Elias was trying to say “Zoom!” but kept saying “Noom!” instead, so as Elias would yell “Noom”, Noah would just giggle hysterically.

We rode to the park where everyone had a good time as well. Noah got to swing, which also made him giggle. He likes to go pretty fast and high, surprising for a little guy, although perhaps not so much after all since his brother was the exact same way.

Today Elias didn’t much care about the swings. He preferred the slides. Ceili Fey showed him how to climb up the play equipment so that he could go down the slide. She is great with him.

Finally, it was time to leave. We rode our bikes home to the tune of more whining and upset. *sigh*

After we parked our bikes, it was time for bath followed by bed. This is truly my favorite time of day.