Bad week

This was just not a good week. Wednesday, I finally agreed to go to the cemetery with Ceili Fey. Just being back there was hard enough, but then we couldn’t find his grave. There’s no stone yet, we’re hoping to get something up in the next few months – preferably by the end of the year – so meanwhile, it’s marked with a plaque that isn’t the easiest to find. I swear I must have walked by it several times before Ceili Fey finally pointed it out.

Today we spent the day moving a lot of things out of the house and into storage. We’re only about halfway done. Just going into the bedroom Elias and Noah used to share was hard. Then I moved a bunch of coats from the hallway coat-rack only to see Elias’ red coat. I told Jon’s mom that I just couldn’t bear to give it to Noah because every time I saw it, it would be a reminder of Bow. Hell, just seeing it there tore me up.

Getting out of that house was the best idea, for so many reasons, not the least of which is because most everything was a reminder of Bow. I miss him so.

2 thoughts on “Bad week”

  1. i’m so sorry you’re having such a rough time of it. if i could wave a magic wand and make this journey easier for you, i would. please know i carry you with me, every day, in my heart and prayers!

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