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Calvin doesn’t seem to like our Ergo carrier very much right now. Well, let me rephrase that. When he’s in it correctly, he doesn’t care for it. As long as his legs aren’t hanging out, and he’s bunched up in a ball, he’s okay with it. I hope that he will be okay with it later as the others liked it. Noah loved it so much, he was super excited at the thought of Calvin using it. In any case, I’m taking Calvin’s dislike of it to mean that I might need a sling or something instead. What type(s) and brand(s) do you recommend, and what do you like most about it/them??

Please note, ease of use is key for me. I do not have hours to spend trying to figure out how to make something work, nor is Calvin the most patient baby. I also am very uncoordinated so I must have simplicity, please! 😉

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  1. Hello,

    My son did not get on well with the ergo at that age either! Are you using the insert? It should be ok to have his legs in up until 3/4 months I think, (the main thing is that safety wise you are following TICKS) if you find the insert too bulky you could use a rolled up towel. Also if the base is a bit wide for your little one you can cinch it in with a shoelace.

    Personally, we got on better with a stretchy wrap at that age but it is impossible to say what might work for you. Do you have a sling library nearby? They are a great source of advice and trying in the different carriers is invaluable. HTH 🙂

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