Autopsy results

I sat down and actually read the autopsy today. That’s some reading material that no mama should ever have to read. It’s just so not right. Or fair.

I knew the results before today. I had the coroner give me the paraphrased version of the results, including the cause of death (acute pneumonia due to RSV). I just hadn’t actually read it before… I couldn’t bring myself to. But today, today I am angry. I am angry because I believe that there is some sort of environmental cause for Elias’ death and I believe that the powers-that-be in the town of Whitestown know – or at the very least, suspect – something is wrong.

I just wish we knew why his cadmium and chromium levels were so high. There’s just no satisfactory explanation at all. Even more troubling is the fact that a nearby family tested positive for large doses of metals in their system. This should not be in a new housing addition. So what gives here? And why will no one help us find answers??

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  1. Is it possible that it's in the drinking water? Can you get tested for your levels? My guess is that no one wants to get involved in theories that will just add to more questions. There are so many times that after the Japan nuclear issue people would treat me like i was overly paranoid about the risks of it effecting my developing baby her on the coast of CA. and then who ended up with the baby who died? I did. and i'll never know ALL the factors as to way this happened to us. The questions are enough to drive anyone insane.I had an autopsy done on my baby boy as well. My doctor went over the results with me on the phone and sent me a sealed copy. i was glad that she warned me not to read it, it's very detached and scientific.My heart goes out to you, mama. this is a life sentence that no one should have to life with. I hope you are hanging in there okay.My thoughts are with you.

  2. What was the official cause of death? That's very suspicious to have the chromium and cadmeium at such high levels. Were they considered toxic levels?

  3. I am very sorry for your loss and sorry about the comment I made early is my mistake, I didn't read carefully, I removed the comment, I am very sorry

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. This is so unfair. 🙁 I would be questioning everything if I was in your shoes, too. Have you thought about having your other children’s levels tested? I’ve been following your blog for some time and I agree that something doesn’t add up. It isn’t going to bring your sweet boy back, but finding answers may help someone else. When reading this about the cadmium and chromium, I think of cleaning products or products used to treat steel and aluminum as corrosion control. Is it possible that your housing was treated with such products? I know that several other young children in the area also passed suddenly – were they living in similar housing? Cadmium toxicity can cause pneumonitis. I would be very curious about chemical pneumonia, or at the very least, cadmium depleting glutathione levels or causing DNA and/or tissue damage, which could easily weaken an immune system. You permalinked Beazer Homes – I find this particularly interesting because they were the ones who bought the contaminated/faulty Chinese drywall that caused corrosion to metal components of homes. I know they didn’t remedy all areas of the problem housing; they would have good reason to take corrective actions to treat the metal components of their homes. May be worth finding a really good independent test lab to get conclusive answers. Continued prayers, love, & light to you, mama.

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