tick tock, tick tock…

I cannot quite figure it out. It’s as though I can feel my biological clock ticking away, getting louder and louder and louder. I’ve even been pestering Jon a bit about planning another one. What’s up with this? I just keep thinking about how wonderful it would be to feel a life growing inside of me, how great it would be to have a water birth, how sweet a newborn baby is…. I have three children already, the youngest two still in diapers. Putting another baby into the mix right now should be the farthest thing from my mind. So, what gives?? Is this some weird thing that hits in the 30s?


I’m finishing up the invitations for Ceili Fey’s birthday party. This year her birthday falls on a Saturday. She is very excited about it. She has decided to go with the Disney Princesses as her theme. Some days I wish we didn’t own anything Disney but what can you do?

We have almost everything we need for her party. There is still the matter of plates for the cake and ice cream. Can you believe they were out of them??

She wanted very badly to have a party with all of her classmates this year but the rest of us just aren’t quite ready for that yet. I told her we’ll see about next year.

Valentine candy

Yesterday Jon and I had reservations at the L.A. Cafe for supper. Our friend Roberta came and stayed with the kiddos while we were gone. It was nice to get out without any kids.

Today my father came up and we all went to lunch with him. Initially I had thought we might go to Red Robin but he decided that he didn’t care for it after his one time there a month or so ago. It seems that he didn’t care for the burger he ordered even though the rest of us at the table loved ours. So, instead, we opted for Chili’s. It wasn’t too bad. It seems that we ordered the wrong thing for Elias, of course. The little bugger is becoming exceptionally picky about what he eats – he’s rapidly becoming as bad as his sister! I suppose though, quesadillas aren’t all that spectacular.

But we did find one thing Elias liked, or rather, Papa George (my father) did. After lunch, we came back to our house where he pulled out the Valentine candy. He got heart boxes for Ceili Fey and I and a bag of Reese hearts for the little guys.

My father is not known for his moderation. I’m truly not sure just how many of the heart candies Elias had. I think it was at least three. He kept going back and forth between Papa George, whom he would beg for more candy, to the trains with which he was playing. He was so excited, just bounding back and forth, yet the whole time he just kept sucking his thumb and saying “nigh-nigh,” which he only does when tired.

When I decided he had had quite enough, I picked him up and told him it was naptime. He began screaming and hit me. I decided at that point that I had had quite enough and ran him upstairs to his room, sat him in the big rocker, and shut the door.

Is it any wonder he crashed pretty hard at bedtime??

Monday, 8, Feb 2010

Jon, Elias, Noah, and I met Jon’s friend Greg and Greg’s fiancee, Julia, for lunch today where Elias decided that he should not have to feed himself but rather be fed by Jon, who probably would have much preferred to be feeding himself.

We grabbed supper at O’Charley’s where Noah and Elias split a mini corn dog meal. Ceili Fey got the corn dog meal also, which she polished off. After that she had a few bites of mine and then as we were getting ready to leave announced that she was still hungry. She swore that she ate lunch but she was just ravenous! Once we got home I gave her some peanut butter crackers before bed.

Finally, they are all in bed. Although, we should be getting Noah up shortly to give him his supergruel and then back to bed.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Jon told me to just go ahead and stay home because of the impending snow today. It’s really coming down, too!

He picked the boys and I up and we went to Red Robin for lunch where little Noah proceeded to gut himself with grilled chicken, fries, onion rings and some apple. It still amazes me to watch Noah eat. Now that he has begun to eat regular food, it’s almost as though he can’t get enough. He wants to try everything now.

For whatever reason, our schools did not close early even though others in the county did. Even our county administrative offices were told to close early today. In any event, Ceili Fey is home now. She played outside for awhile until she got too cold and came inside.