Aquarium horrors

I’m not sure if I posted about it but a few months back, after we had our very old and very sick cat, Uber, put down, we purchased an aquarium and four fish – one for each kid – to go along with it.

The kids love it. Henry’s daily job is to feed the fish. This entails Jon getting the fish food out, putting some in Henry’s hand, and Henry dropping it in the top of the tank.

2013-11-18 22.10.51

Over the past several weeks, I’ve noticed that Bill, Henry’s fish, was acquiring a few black spots. One in particular makes him look a bit reminiscent of Hitler.

2013-12-19 08.33.18 2013-12-19 08.33.57

This is a rather odd look for a fish. I was concerned, but Jon dismissed it by saying that some fish change colors from time to time.

A couple evenings ago we found Bill in the corner of the tank by the heater that goldfish apparently don’t need, just floating. We all thought he was dead. Then we noticed some very slight signs of life. We also noticed that Bill’s top fin and side fins have been eaten off, making it nearly impossible for him to swim!! How horrific is that? I’m not taking a picture of it because, in all honestly, when I look at him, I want to cry.

When food is placed in the tank, Bill does manage to swim and get some of it, using only his tail, but it seems to take a very large effort to do so. It’s very sad.

After doing some searching on the internet, it seems that fish can grow their fins back, but it seems they require a bit of assistance from something called Melafix, so I ordered some last night after Amazon’s phone app assured me the bottle would arrive today for a few dollars more.

I may need to find a way to keep the rest of the horrible creatures away from Bill since they’ve apparently decided it’s great to snack on him – *shudder* – but right now, he is mostly left alone in his corner so I’ll probably look for something this weekend.

It seems also that the black spots may be too much ammonia – again, this is what I gleaned from asking the all-knowing interwebs as I know nothing at all about fish – so we’ll have to get the water tested but in the meantime, I’m mostly worried about poor Bill. Let’s hope that the Melafix works.