Another lazy Sunday plus some hatred of Beazer Homes

Today was a good day. We actually stayed home all day, which makes me happy. I like having us all together at home.

Supper tonight was entertaining. We had steak, pierogies, and shoe-peg corn. Noah made a huge pig of himself, especially with the steak. He just couldn’t get enough!! It was pretty comical.

Now all the kids are in bed and quiet.

I’m watching a show called 15 X-Treme Outdoor Projects where they completely renovate backyards. I really wish we could do something to our backyard. I learned recently that it’s truly a pipe dream, though. Apparently in Beazer’s infinite wisdom of lime-stabilizing yards, they made growing anything pretty much an impossibility. That explains why our trees are dying. That makes me so angry. It’s just one more way Beazer screws their customers.

Every Christmas that Jon and I have been married, we have bought a small pine tree. They are currently turning brown and not looking so hot. Now I realize that watching them die is what I have to look forward to.

I really hate Beazer. I hate their shoddy workmanship, I hate their customer service, I hate the corners they cut.. I just hate Beazer overall.