Amazed at such stupidity

So, on the Indianapolis Moms Like Me site lately, I’ve been incredulous as I read some of the insanity there. Do most women really believe that their husbands are such brainless creatures that having a female friend could actually cause the man to have an affair? Or, my personal favorite, the ones that have “hot” friends that they don’t let spend much time around their husband because as one “special” case cited, “you can’t go putting a banana in front of a monkey and think that sooner or later the monkey won’t reach for the banana”. Are you serious?? Okay, do you get that you’ve just likened your husband to a stupid animal? Do you get that you’ve also just given men a huge out because you’ve essentially just said that your husband is not responsible for his actions, after all, he’s no better than a monkey with a banana.

I don’t think I realized that there were people (women) with such insipid, asinine ideas until I discovered the Moms Like Me site.

And, really, if your husband wants to cheat on you, he’ll find a way. No matter how much effort you make to ensure that he has no female friends. Not to mention, if he does cheat, maybe it’s to momentarily get away from your short leash and insipid drivel.

I thought we were supposed to be the smarter sex.

4 thoughts on “Amazed at such stupidity”

  1. Uh, maybe the reason he's going to cheat on you is because you view him as a dumb animal and are controlling and manipulative toward him, and he feels he can't relate to you, and if all women are going to treat him like this anyway, why not have fun?Seriously, these people are NOT helping.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Carla. I couldn't agree more! 🙂 My personal favorite is the fact that so many other moms just keep on patting her on the back, confirming that whole crazy ideal.

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