A Sunday which feels like a Monday

Ceili Fey is spending the night at my mother’s. Yes, it’s a school night, but so what? Besides, she made me a deal I could not refuse. She offered to help me with the dishes – they’ve piled up and gotten way outta hand – in exchange for taking her overnight.

Since they left, a little after lunch, it’s just been me and the little guys. Jon had to go and do some work today. I keep forgetting this is Sunday, not Monday, because he doesn’t normally have to go work on a Sunday.

We’ve entertained ourselves fairly well I think.

After starting out with Noah’s usual clinginess, the little guys finally managed to play together.

 Well, for a while, at least. It wasn’t too long until Elias started taking toys away from Noah. I especially liked how he would take them and put them on the stairs, just a few steps up, but far enough that Noah could not reach up to get anything. About that time, tempers started wearing thin so I decided it was afternoon nap time.

Yes, we know about that bad-looking stuff on poor little Noah’s back. He’s got eczema pretty bad. We put California Baby Calendula Cream on his skin, which seems to be helping. I’m hoping this week when we get some checks in to run over to Whole Foods and get some fish oil for him, per the advice of the (wonderful) nurse practitioner at our doctor’s office.

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