A note on DCS

I have been getting messages asking advice regarding DCS/CPS lately on a message board I belong to. People are wanting to know what to do when DCS comes knocking on their door. In some cases, DCS has actually taken their children and they are in a state of shock and panic. Admittedly, these stories make me cry because I know how close we came to losing our little guy.

First, if you have not read our story, please do so. Read it all the way through. You will see that there is hope even once they have come into your home. Also check out the Important Links Regarding DCS.

If it’s not too late, you don’t have to let them in without a warrant. Don’t do it! Bring the child in question to the door or window so that the DCS worker may physically see the child and then ask for their warrant. If they do not have one, remind them that you are exercising your Fourth Amendment rights by requesting a warrant. Your next step should be acquiring an attorney because they may come back with a warrant. If they have physically seen the child and he/she appears physically fine, they may not be able to coerce a judge to give a warrant – at least not without lying to the judge.

If you have already allowed them in, you need an attorney even more than if you had not let them in.

Never forget: DCS is NOT YOUR FRIEND. They will take things you say and they will twist them to make you look like a bad person and parent.

Please, do not ever think that if you have nothing to hide, they will leave you alone. By allowing them in, you are creating the possibility of having your children taken away. Yes, there are good caseworkers who do not believe in removal at all costs. But do you really want to gamble your kids that your caseworker is a good one?

Another thing that seems worth noting. I have read in numerous places that the majority of children taken are the “adoptable” ones. Meaning that the blond, white, non special needs ones are the easiest to adopt out. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the children we see on the evening news having been killed at the hands of their parents are usually non-white. I have no proof of this one, but I’ve read it and, based on what I’ve seen personally, it certainly does make us wonder.

In any case, regardless of how involved DCS is with you, get an attorney. No matter what. Do whatever it takes to get the money: beg, borrow or steal. Just make sure that your attorney is familiar with DCS cases, especially CHINS (Child In Need of Services) cases. Make sure that your attorney has “balls of steel” and will not cow before them. In other words, you need an experienced, relatively fearless attorney. Your kids are worth it.