A great weekend

Last night was my family’s Christmas party. The kids were all pretty well behaved. I actually enjoyed having them with us, unlike last year where Elias decided to take several bites out of my sister’s decorative apples, not to mention break their window grids off. After we ate, we had the kids open their presents and took them back home where our babysitter was waiting and put them all to bed. We then went back and enjoyed the gift game that occurs every year at the party. Last year everyone was so tired and cranky we ended up having to leave and miss a lot.  

Today was a pretty great day also. We went to brunch/lunch at BW3’s and the kids were all three so well-behaved. It was such a pleasant experience, unlike most of our dining out experiences.

After we came home, we put the little guys down for a nap while Ceili Fey played with her new Lego sets, then she watched a movie for awhile until Elias and Noah got up, then they all played downstairs with Elias and Noah’s new toys until bedtime.

One thing that was pretty funny was earlier, Elias walked across the family room toward Jon when he fell and hurt his knee. He became very upset and wanted up on Jon’s lap where, in between cries and yells, he said “Bow’s leg fall off”. It was all we could do to keep from laughing hysterically.

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