5 years ago today

Five years ago today, Jon and I were married. We’ve been through so much in those five years. We’ve been through the best times and the absolute worst in those years. While we each have our faults – plenty of them! – I cannot think of anyone that I would rather experience the ups and downs of life with. Even through our difficulties, we’ve managed to come through them and – in many ways – be stronger together. I cannot imagine life without him, nor would I wish to.

Jon painting our new place

He’s my hero, my friend, my handyman, my confidant, my lover, my husband. I’m so glad to have met and started a life with him. Even though we’ve been through hell, I’m so glad to have him in my life.

Jon, here’s to five years and – I can only hope – a great many more. I love you.

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  1. I know it is so hard. We, too, buried a son. It's been 18 months now and I still feel like just screaming. Why isn't he here? It doesn't make sense that he was and now he isn't.Hang in there, and keep leaning on each other.

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