41 weeks 3 days

Today we’re at 41 weeks and 3 days. The longest gestation I ever had was with Elias, who was born at… 41 weeks and 3 days.

Yesterday, I went to the midwife for a NST (non stress test). Since I’m over 40 weeks, they want me to have them twice a week. I also go back Thursday, assuming no baby yet. If the baby isn’t born before 42 weeks, she will then schedule a biophysical ultrasound.

The midwife did tell me that, in times of great stress, women will stay pregnant longer. Yesterday being the one year anniversary of Elias’ death, I would say I have been under a great deal of stress. I had, however, found peace with the idea of the baby being born on that day.

In any case, I had two contractions in the span of 40 minutes. After we left, I had one on the way home. I also had another shortly after arriving home. Unfortunately, everything stopped soon after that. I suspect it was because we were so focused on Henry who has some sort of stomach bug. The poor little guy was so pathetic, all I could do was hold him. At one point, after he threw up all over me, I just put him in the tub with me and we sat and soaked a bit. I think he enjoyed it as he seemed to relax a bit. Eventually, he climbed up on me, laid his head on my belly and closed his eyes. Jon wound up making a little pallet on our bedroom floor for him to sleep for the night.

Today I’ve had two contractions. One this morning, and one a few moments ago. With my previous pregnancies, I never just have contractions unless I’m in labor so I’m hoping that this really signifies something. We’ll see.

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