Giveaway: Poofy Organics single eyeshadow

I’m not sure how familiar you are with Poofy Organics but they are a great family-owned company out of New Jersey that makes all of their products – most of which are USDA Certified Organic – in small batches and by hand. They have a lot of products from deodorants to lotions to cleaners to cosmetics and more! Some of my favorite Poofy products are the eyeshadow. They come in a variety of colors – both single and palettes – and are some of the safest things you can put on your face.

I have decided to do a giveaway of one of these great single eyeshadows! The winner will get to choose the color out of all of the choices offered ( – be sure to check out all three pages!).

Comment below with which color you would choose if you are the winner!


Review: Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

I bought two of the Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablets for the kids a little while back. They’re a little on the glitchy side from time to time – there have been a few times we had to take off an app and download it again before it would work – but overall they’re a huge hit with our kids. They’re also a lifesaver when you just want some peace and quiet or a fast distraction when you’re trying to get something done. This is especially great when we’re trying to get something important done at work and really don’t need fifty million distractions for a little while.

The biggest complaint I have is that some apps, like ABC Mouse, are available for download, but Amazon’s app store seems to not want to also provide updates. This is a real drag because I find that when they want to play on ABC Mouse – a favorite of the younger ones – I have to either hand over my tablet or set them up on a computer, both of which really defeat the purpose of the parental controls and settings that I’m able to set up on the Kindle.

Our kids were refusing to come to supper because they wanted to play longer on the tablets so we had to set them to shut off at supper time. I would have much rather had them shut off at suppertime but then about an hour or so later, start up until the nighttime shut-off. While I do like that the tablet gives the ability to set allowable time periods – as well as a set amount of time per day that it can be used by each child’s account – it only allows one start time and one stop time. My ideal would be that I could have it shut off at five, then turn back on at six until the final shut-off time of seven or eight.

It’s also rough that there doesn’t seem to be any way to sync the accounts to limit the total amount of time per day, not just per device per day. So either we designate one tablet per two children or have to limit each tablet less than the desired max amount of time each day, knowing that when one hits the end of their time limit, they’ll simply swap off tablets. I suppose that there’s a third option of buying each kid their own but I’m not a huge fan of that idea as it’s very costly.

Perhaps the best thing about the Kindle Fire Kids tablet? Amazon has a really great no-questions-asked warranty, provided you don’t try to root the tablet, that is. So far we haven’t needed to use the warranty, but who knows when we will. I purchased two as a bundle deal which Amazon has some of the time. I strongly recommend getting one (or more) on sale whenever possible!

Appetite For Destruction

I’m really curious if other people’s children are as destructive as ours are. Ours have managed to destroy two TVs by throwing things – balls are now banned at our place as a result – and we just chunked down $50 for a chrome rolling laundry hamper for them to use in their bathroom because plastic would surely be destroyed nearly as soon as the store stickers were removed. I’ve lost track of the amount of drywall we’ve had to patch because they’ve ripped their curtain rod out of the wall – granted, that wouldn’t have been so easy to do had the ones who rebuilt the building we now live in done a better job and actually used things like studs, but still!

No one is exempt, either. Our oldest has destroyed quite a few of my articles of clothing by washing them incorrectly. So much so I was truly starting to think that it was deliberate. I now own quite a few things that are almost the Duncan’s size, but they used to fit me before they got “laundered”. This even after telling her not to wash any of mine as they mostly need to be washed on delicate.

Every time we’re certain we have confiscated every writing utensil in our home, we turn around and find one of their names or, my personal favorite, “mom” written on something. Usually a wall or door.

It’s like they just cannot stand for us to own anything nice or in its original form.

Surely ours cannot be the only destructive children, right? Please make me feel better by sharing your stories of your children and the appetite they have for destruction.




Yes, I really did impart an old GNR album title for this entry. I know, I know, my age is showing.

Review: Hip Baby Wrap ring sling

So the Hip Baby Wrap ring sling (in Jungle) I ordered arrived and I’m super excited to use it. I already have the Boba Wrap as well as both Manduca and the original Ergo soft carriers and love each of them but I really wanted a ring sling as well. I used to have one a looooonng time ago and, while I liked it a lot, the fabric choice was super hot so I didn’t use it as much as I had hoped. 

The fabric feels nice and very strong. I’m not sure how it will do in hot weather but I suspect it won’t be as hot as the one I used to have. 

When I got home, I tried it out for a bit. Duncan was able to nurse in it which checks off his list of requirements. In addition to being strong, I find it to be beautiful. 

Please forgive the mess that is me as well as our bathroom.


Do you wear your baby/babies? What are your favorite ways to wear them?