Well this is awesome

While at an appointment today I learned that my blood pressure was 152/106. Nice, right?

Originally I kinda blew it off – which I was reminded I’d been doing for awhile now. I reminded her that we just passed the anniversary of Elias’ death and still had to make it through his birthday in April. I assured her I’d make an appointment the first of June.

It was also pointed out that the strange low humming noise I was experiencing could in fact be caused by the high reading.

As we were checking out, Ceili Fey remarked about how swollen my hands were. I looked at them and got a bit panicked. They called the NP back out and she thought I was having a panic attack. They sat me in a room and gave me something to help.

I also agreed to start on blood pressure meds. Why the change of heart? Because I flashed back to a couple of days ago when I actually said to myself  – possibly out loud  – “I’m going to stroke out”. No reason for it. The thought just hit me.

I told the nurse that I think the universe was conspiring to make sure I started on meds today.

I know I probably need it – so says the evidence stacked up against me – but damn. I didn’t want this.


Happy 12th birthday, Ceili Fey!

It’s very hard to believe that today you are 12.


You’ve borne witness to a lot, both life and death. That’s a lot for anyone.


Each day you have grown more beautiful, inside and out.


You’re smart, funny, and I’m proud to call you my child.

Happy happy birthday, Ceili Fey. I love you.

Dinkey got stapled

So this happened today.


Henry caused his dresser and the heavy lamp that was on top of it to fall over. We’re pretty sure that it was the lamp thst got him because its base is the only thing that could have caused the puncture wound that resulted.

It was terrifying due to how much head wounds can bleed. When our nanny called me I was not prepared for walking in and seeing Henry covered in blood. Jon was nowhere close so my mom went with me to the ER.

A couple hours and one staple later, we took him to lunch at McDonald’s – his choice – where he had a happy meal and a green shake.

I think my mom and I were far more upset by it all then he was. So, that’s good, right?